Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in 2020

Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020 means, creating product reviews, producing videos, becoming an influencer, understanding voice content, and not cutting shortcuts.

Info graphic about what affiliate marketing will be in 2020

It’s formless and ever-changing, and I love it. Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020 is a completely separate animal – even from 2019. Some strategies will take a back seat, and others will rise in popularity once more.

For example, I predict that video will surpass blogging as a way to generate leads and revenue. Before we look at changes in industry trends, however, let’s take it from the top for all of you hungry newbies!

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Means No Shortcuts

I shouldn’t have to tell you that affiliate marketing is not a get-rick-quick scheme. The upfront investment (time, money and energy) is significant, so don’t believe the over-hyped gurus. Shortcuts are out there, but they don’t last.

Whatever “trick” or “hack” you think you may have found, don’t fall for it. People are sick of spammy content and empty promises.

As described by Christopher Clarke and Adam Preace in the book, “Affiliate Marketing 2020“, if you don’t put a lot of effort into your business, then you won’t be victorious. It’s as simple as that.

For example, just driving social media traffic to a static landing page and nothing else is not going to have as much impact as it once did because people are sick of it. So, what’s the workaround, you ask?

You become the solution person.

Rather than generically blurting out lofty promises, like “earn thousands,” “lose thirty pounds in x weeks,” and so on, try something a little more clear and actionable. “Step-by-step training to maximize your revenue,” for example.

Your headlines can still be catchy and tempting, but adding substance to them will build a foundation for trend-proof growth. It’s the slow game, but it’s the only way to find stability in the topsy-turvy ride that is the affiliate life.

What’s more, when you become the solution person, you build EAT – expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Search engines will love you. People will love you. Other site owners will love (and envy) you. EAT is life!

So, to continue in this theme of authority-building, solution-providing affiliate awesomeness, let’s roll out the most consistently over-performing affiliate marketing for beginners methods.

Product Reviews

You don’t have to be a tech blogger or a troll with too much time to create product reviews. In fact, it’s a great way to showcase a product for affiliates who don’t want to come off as too cheesy and spammy. Just be honest and upfront.

I’m not exempt here, either. I promise to you and myself that I will step up my product reviews in 2020 and beyond.

Even if you’re reviewing the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, it doesn’t matter so long as the content is substantive and interesting. Don’t just talk up the product – list the pros as well as the cons. Facts, not opinions.

affiliate marketing programs

Before typing a letter, you should research your audience to get a sense of what they want to know. You can check out the Amazon q/a section, look up the most popular key phrases related to the product, and so forth. Be the answer guy or girl!

Now, there’s a limit to the whole “being honest and straightforward” thing. If you don’t want the seller to put the hammer down on you, and if you want to, like, sell the product, you’ll have to be gentle and reasonable in your critiques.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Means You Want to Attract People, not Deter People.

If you provide a comprehensive and insightful view of a product that critiques it fairly, then you will change minds and attract people to that promoted offer. This is highly preferable to just irritating people and losing them forever, don’t you think?

There’s no need to box yourself in here, either. You can review products via blog, video, infographic, however. The most important part is that you choose a medium that’s going to be a strong way of delivering information in 2020.

Not direct promotion, mind you, but information. You’re intercepting customers at the research stage, not just trying to introduce yourself, describe the product, and make the sale in one encounter with a customer who hasn’t even done any research.

In terms of the medium, videos are obviously not going anywhere soon. In fact, they’re going to pass up blogs, as I mentioned. That said, I’d like to explain more about using video for affiliate marketing in 2020.

Videos Will Surpass Articles

This is just a prediction of mine, but I hear affiliate marketer Matt McWilliams predict the same thing for 2020 in his podcast, The Affiliate Guy.

Even though videos are likely to win the lead magnet and traffic-gen race, (mainly YouTube, let’s be honest), I have no doubt that blogs will fill in at a close second in 2020. As a beginner, don’t be freaked out by this. If you think you don’t know anything “new,” that’s ok.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be mindful of your competition.

Use the status quo as a way to define your angle. Be different. Stand out! Why should someone listen to you when they can buy your thingamajig on 248 other sites?

In my case, for example, I like to share my life experiences as a husband and a father working two careers at once. Not just to be the “oversharing” guy, but to relate to people in my audience who are in similar situations.

Wow, this guy is taking a serious run at affiliate marketing, and he’s as busy as I am. Maybe it is possible.

This is just my example.

You have to find your own approach.

(And if you say, “but Scott, I’m not interesting,” I’m going to lose it!)

As long as you give credit where credit is due, you are more than free to simply feature what others have been up to in your niche – that’s ok as long as you don’t overuse it. For example, there are a ton of videos online about what the heck a darn sales funnel is.

Go ahead. Don’t plagiarize, but use others’ work to define the landscape and provide context. This is how the Internet grows, in fact. I link to you, you link to me, web surfers get the most options, and everyone is friends.

As long as it’s “your work featuring occasional links to others” and not the other way around, nobody’s calling you a ripoff for respecting what others have contributed to your niche. This is something the best affiliate programs for beginners encourage.

Alright, getting back on the “being the solution person” track. If you are smart and consistent with your high-quality content, per the above guidelines, your expertise just may earn you the coveted label of…


In my own research, I found a very interesting point made by Streamline Marketing about influencers. They claimed that influencers are so, well, influential, because people feel connected to them. They provide what their audience wants and needs.

BOOM – that’s when it hit me. Affiliate marketing for beginners is not about promoting products!  From the start, you need to become your own brand. You need to become an influencer!! Even if it’s on a smaller scale, it’s the direction you should head in.

If you don’t pull in a massive following, that’s okay, but make it your goal. The point is to act as an influencer, regardless of your follower/subscriber count. They’re doing it right, so model your approach after theirs and connect with your people.

Voice Content

As smart speakers and other similar devices join the ranks of the almighty smartphone in terms of mass popularity, voice search is exploding.

A lengthy list of impressive stats, in fact, courtesy of Quora Creative, describes just how profound an impact voice search will have for affiliate marketing beginners in 2020, as well as other groups.

For example, half of all Internet searches in 2020 will be voice-based, according to the report. Half. 

So, what does this mean for you and me? Well, since the majority of voice searches are informational in nature, and since “how” is the number one voice search keyword by a significant margin, we’re going to have to keep it informational.

This is actually perfect for us, though, because it will support this idea of relating to our audiences with content that actually informs their buying decisions instead of just trying to shove them into a buying mentality artificially. Point being, we can be the ones to show them “how to” whatever in a way that builds authority.

The rising prevalence of voice search also means that affiliate marketers will have a greater shot at the medium-sized niche.

Think about it: do people voice search for “men shoes,” or do they ask, “where can I get men’s soccer cleats in Sacramento?”

Now, the long-tail keyword is going to come to the forefront as a more serious contender, and voice search is responsible. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the long tail, because you might get a stronger return than what was once possible.

Finally, I just want to end with a little bit of perspective. If you’re a “completionist,” affiliate marketing may actually be more difficult for you. Completionism is great for school, work, and many other ventures in life, but when it comes to affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020, there’s a problem: it’s never complete.

Don’t worry about where you get on, i.e., when you’re getting started. Just make sure that, once you’ve got your knowledge base where you want it, that you never turn away from it. Affiliate marketing is never “complete,” and your knowledge base should reflect that.

Now, if you’re a “keeping up with the Joneses” type, you’ll do just fine 🙂 As always, I wish you the best of luck on that bustling digital frontier!


Disclaimer: This article contains an Amazon affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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