Affiliate Marketing Programs for 5 Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

As a beginner or profitable and seasoned veteran, this article is for you to find the best affiliate marketing programs for five different profitable areas of the market.

The upside to all that competition online? So glad you asked. How about access to hundreds upon hundreds of top-notch affiliate marketing programs?

In fact, the sky is the limit. It’s so exciting to see how much affiliate marketing programs have expanded that I almost miss being a day-one newbie. Wow.

Therefore, this post is all about providing shortcuts to the 5 top affiliate programs in each of the 5 most popular niches. So, that you don’t miss a chance. It’s healthy to want to promote a lot of different products, but you want to make sure your program deserves your hard work.

affiliate marketing

Importantly, Make sure that your products and vendors are in line with your niche when it comes to affiliate marketing programs.

So, I’ve set up this list to bring you a fluff-free breakdown of the stuff you care about, like:

  • Refund Policies
  • Commission Rates
  • Is the product evergreen, meaning its sales will be consistent throughout the year?
  • Is it dependent on a trend or season?

When you’re evaluating commission rates. Above all, I recommend high-ticket offers for smaller niche audiences, and low to medium-sized commissions for larger audiences.

To sum up I have organized my own top 25 lists (5 awesome programs for 5 of the top niches) to help you, get started. I have not participated in all of these myself but, I wanted to show you the criteria which I use for researching affiliate marketing programs. So, you can appreciate what’s most important.

“Giving a fish versus learning to fish”

To clarify some of these will be on big affiliate marketing networks and may require you to have an account with them to proceed.

Now, enjoy the menu pick on, and may you be of service to others and earn your place in the market. So starting with the first one:

Make Money/Wealth Through Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Wealth Trigger 360

Wealth trigger 360 focused on reprogramming your brain to think like a millionaire. So this system uses a proprietary combination of affirmation, meditation, and several other exercises to position you for success.

Courtesy of Dr. Joe Vitale.
Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 50%
Typical Earnings: $70/sale

2. Wealth Activation Blueprint

“Shark Tank” veteran shares with customers his wealth-building mentality in the form of an extensive video course. In addition, to various upsell options.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: Up to 50%
Typical Earnings: $13/sale

3. RichDad Summit

This course nicely packages all the pitfalls of how we brought up to think about money and success. Moreover, In this course, customers will learn how to create multiple passive income streams and transcend the 9-5 “time for money” exchange.

Written By: Robert Kiyosaki
Joining Fee:
No fee
Commissions: Up to 75%
Typical Earnings:  $246/sale (with rebill potential)

4. Millionaire’s Brain Academy

Millionaire’s Brain Academy program seeks to highlight and amplify your natural millionaire attributes, like creativity, and self-discipline, in a way that maps out an individualized wealth plan.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 70%
Typical Earnings: $43/sale

5. Builderall

Builderall is all about getting your business off the ground without spending tons of money. Meanwhile, it Focuses less on mindset and more on marketing.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: Tiered structure – 100% of each sale’s first payment, then 30% afterward
Typical Earnings: $70/sale (with rebill potential)


1. DietDirect

DietDirect is a marketplace in itself. It offers meal replacements and supplements In addition to the nutritional education for people of all fitness and dieting goals.

Joining Fee: None
Commissions: Up to 10%
Typical Earnings: $10 per sale

2. Thrive Market

Thrive Market’s mission is to make healthy living accessible. So they do this by providing flexible and nutritious dietary options (including gluten-free, vegan, etc.) directly to your doorstep.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: Tiered according to sign-up duration ($40 for a year, $15 for 3-month, $5 for 1-month)
Typical Earnings: Not listed

3. Meal Plan Magic

Meal Plan Magic provides targeted nutritional and fitness protocols for all manner of weight loss clients. Like bodybuilders and everyone in between.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 50%
Typical Earnings: Varies

4. Natural Health Concepts

A health product superstore. In addition, Natural Health Concepts offers a competitive selection of industry-leading supplements, nutrition guides, along with other diets/fitness products.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 8%
Typical Earnings: Varies

5. Zotrim

Zotrim is a revolutionary herbal supplement that safely and naturally enhances your metabolism while decreasing your cravings for unhealthy foods.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 30%
Average earnings: $20/sale

Weight Loss

1. Workout Anywhere

Imagine your hour-long workout condensed into fifteen minutes, and with no weights or equipment required. That is the mission of “Workout Anywhere” to provide workout plans that fit with hectic schedules.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: $30-$150 CPA
Average Earnings: $90/sale (with rebill potential)

2. Weight Loss Evolved

This program is perfect for people who are genetically predisposed to weight gain. Because of its scientific, doctor-developed approach to making the metabolic changes necessary to weight loss – not just working out more and eating less.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 30%
Average Earnings: $119/sale

3. My Fitness App

A renowned trainer and TV personality Jillian Michaels has developed an app to help track your weight loss goals and key metrics (body fat percentage, etc.) all in one place. So that you don’t have to worry about shuffling through multiple apps or documents.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 70-90%
Average Earnings: Varies based on commission tier

4. Weight Watchers 

Weight Watcher is yet an effective system for tracking calories and weight loss goals. Moreover, it has been helping people lose weight for decades, making it an easy target for affiliates.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: Flat $10 per subscription
Average Earnings: $10/sale

5. Medifast

Medifast is a physician-lead meal replacement provider that offers dozens of weight loss programs to accommodate all preferences.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 20%
Average Earnings: $85/sale


1. eHarmony

eHarmony is renowned for its ability to accurately pair up users based on a series of compatibility factors. It has built a reputation as a legitimate marketplace for people interested in more than just a quick fling.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: Starting at 65%
Average Earnings: $130

2. East Meet East

East Meet East is considered the world’s premier Asian dating community and has been matching couples together in the USA, the UK, and Australia since its inception. Moreover, they have a broad selection of marketing tools available for affiliates.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: Tiered (and a bit complicated). Essentially, $30 for 1-month signup, up to $60 for a year
Average Earnings: Varies

3. Elite Singles

In addition to the Intended for high-level professionals, Elite Singles is a haven for busy type-A personalities to connect with people they can relate to. But, 45-day cookie length is very generous and the most affiliate-friendly feature of this program.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: $7 per completed personality test
Average Earnings: $7/sale

4. Adult Friend Finder

Above all Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest dating sites on the planet and boasts high visibility. They have helped more than 40 million users of all sexual orientations hook up, find love, and everything in between.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: $5 per lead, up to $130 per order
Average Earnings: Varies

5. Christian Cafe

Christian Cade is for those who wish to pursue the Christian approach to dating and marriage. Further, the dating site that has helped more than 25,000 marriages happen.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 40%
Average Earnings: Not listed

Self Help

1. Mastery Insight Institute

Meanwhile with leveraging the power of neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Above all, The Mastery Insight Institute helps its members to enhance their success-building attributes using cutting-edge techniques.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 20%
Average Earnings: Not listed

2. Hay House

Rather than promoting a single system. On the other hand, Hay House as a publisher invites readers to examine their database of self-help literature to find what works for them.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 50%
Average Earnings: Vary based on a large selection of books

3. Mind Valley

MindValley connects you with hundreds of personal growth programs. So, that you can explore and learn in one space instead of jumping around.

Joining Fee: No Fee
Commissions: 50%
Average Earnings: $150/sale

4. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the best world trainers for all things, self-help. Moreover, he has presented to more than 4 million audience members at live seminars.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 15%
Average Earnings: Up to 1,000+ based on the seminar price

5. Brian Tracy

Mention Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy are sure to enter the conversation at some point. He specializes in helping people maximize their full potential in entrepreneurship and then he shared these insights with millions of people.

Joining Fee: No fee
Commissions: 25%
Average Earnings: Varies



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