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Discover 1 great free method for free traffic! Once you provide quality answers, gain followers, and credibility, you can get conversions...using Quora!

It seems crazy that a traffic source with 300 million users would fly under the radar, but in the era of Google and Facebook, that’s where Quora has landed. Right now, Quora is perfectly positioned for the affiliate marketer and a great free traffic website.

It hasn’t been wrung dry with overuse, yet it offers such a huge audience. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this traffic source – even Neil Patel uses it!

Of course, you can’t just slap up whatever you want without any finesse and expect to be rewarded with tidal waves of fresh traffic. Like any other traffic-generating platform, you need strategy and commitment. Thankfully, I’ve been milking the Quora cow for quite a while now, so I’d be happy to introduce you.

First off, understand that Quora is a Q&A website. Anyone can ask a question, and anyone (with a profile) can answer that question. Since it’s so open-ended, there are all kinds of niches available in Quora – and I mean all kinds. I saw a question the other day asking if college students take out their own trash. If topics this obscure are already being covered, then you better believe people want to know about affiliate marketing. Knight in shining armor time!

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Before we can come to the rescue, though, there’s a methodology that you would do well to use when answering. Let’s start with the basics.
Quora is completely free to join. You’ll want to set up a profile that looks personable and credible – yes, that means uploading a picture of yourself.

Next, you’ll want to populate your profile with some solid credentials and a bio. In your “about” section, you can be wordy or concise, but keeping it brief is generally recommended. After all, the average adult attention span is eight seconds. Also in your articles, which is a huge boost if you can leverage it correctly, is an option to link to your own website.

There are also little groups that you can join to connect a relevant audience and answer questions in your topic area. Well, I say “little,” but the affiliate marketing group in Quora has about 225,000 followers. This is huge in terms of reach, but thicker competition comes with it, of course. As I’ve echoed through almost every post, quality of content is the key to rising above the status quo here.

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Alright, so you’ve set up a respectable profile and you’ve joined the affiliate marketing group. Now, it’s time to start answering questions to set up a traffic source for your affiliate marketing business. We have to address the elephant in the room, though: Quora’s attitude towards affiliate links.

Quora has it figured out if you’re trying to push your business too hard. In other words, you must be adding value in your profile and providing content in your answers, not recruiting for business. Of course, I learned the hard way. In the beginning, it was a rookie mistake, but I learned and once I started providing more content and not just “hey view my profile for more answers”…I started to get sales and earn money.

Having reached a certain level of prominence already, Quora has put a system in place for punishing “scammy” and/or aggressive affiliates. In other words, you must always add value within your profile and all of the content you post. It has to be about the question, not about your site and/or products. I don’t mean to get too philosophical here, but this is the kind of “yin and yang” mentality that you want to follow anyway. 

I mean, who would you rather trust with your money – a store that hires aggressive salespeople to yell at you from halfway across the food court, or a store that relies on the quality of its products to silently build a strong reputation?

To be clear, no affiliate links are allowed in your answers. Quora personally informed me of this when I provided a quality answer about email marketing with a GetResponse link embedded in it. As it concerns your profile, Quora kind of picks and chooses. Some affiliate links are allowed and some or not. Remember, though, that this is a traffic source – not a direct outlet for selling. 

If your particular affiliate link isn’t allowed in your profile, it’s still more than worth it to simply link to your site and let the traffic find its way over.

Now what I’m about to state is extremely important so please read and heed…Quora takes a bit of time and discipline to utilize properly. You can’t just throw up a single answer in your affiliate marketing group and expect to see a bump in your analytics – no sir! You have to establish a reputation and cultivate your own following by providing highly informative, often lengthy answers. 

Don’t just blurt out the answer to a question in the form of a sentence-long definition. Give the user plenty of context, examples and in-depth information to really help them embrace the concept.

Here’s the best part. When you do put in the time and energy to provide a steady flow of high-quality answers, Quora will hook you up by sharing your answers. I’ve had my answers sent to more than 190,000 people, earning a whopping 36,000 views. 

What’s more, your answers will appear in regular Google searches when they become popular enough – how sweet is that for SEO??


Of course, you want to at least give a little nudge, and if you’re regularly posting high-quality answers, you deserve it. I usually suggest that you put a small blurb at the end of some of your answers saying something like, “refer to my profile for more information about xyz.” Also, your content will speak for itself if its structured properly, so people will naturally be curious to learn more about who you are and what you can offer.

The great thing about Quora is staying power. That platform isn’t going anywhere soon, and neither are your answers. I have answers dating back to March (when I first started) that are still receiving views. The trickle-down effect is really strong in this case, offering virtually limitless traffic for your content.

In conclusion, Quora is a free, highly lucrative traffic source that you must treat with respect. Your answers should be relatively fluff-free, yet long enough to answer questions convincingly. To increase conversions and send targeted traffic, you should definitely join the affiliate group and pursue the coveted “most viewed writer” status by answering questions on a regular basis. 

This will create potentially huge inroads for traffic – I’m talking 4-lane minimum if you do it right!

Quora is not a standalone solution, of course – there’s no such thing in a successful affiliate marketing/SEO campaign.  You must have several sources of traffic.  You can read more about traffic sources here.  

But anyways, Quora is definitely going to become one of your favourite tools, though, if you can leverage it properly.
So, what do you think?

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