9 Helpful Affiliate Marketing Tools For You

There are affiliate marketing resources that can help someone take their business to the next level. The resources in this article range from marketing tools to freelance resources.

Go beyond, but always keep those basics solid. They are the foundation, just like in sports. If a fighter doesn’t stay skilled with the basic fighting stance then his/her base is gone and it’s time to be foot swept!

Like a fighter learning to breathe, keep a solid stance, and throw a punch, you learn the basics first. When you’re confident enough to expand your skill set, you take things from a macro- to a micro-level. Timing the counter-punch. Elusive head movement. You get the point.


Advanced tools and tactics are important to your success as an affiliate, but remember to always keep your footing. Once you have a solid stance, you can dive into the technical stuff. That’s when linear progress becomes exponential.

Reinvesting your commissions back into your affiliate marketing efforts is absolutely crucial if you want to up your game. Yes, I know, the hyped-up ads place heavy emphasis on the free money, all-inclusive resorts and other luxuries. When you’re first starting out, though, you need a steady influx of cash to expand your capabilities as an affiliate. With time, you just may be able to quit your job and do all the kitchy things. Affiliate Marketing

There are more tools you can use in affiliate marketing but they cost some money. Yes, getting started in affiliate marketing can cost less than $50.00, but to go beyond on the basics, you will have to make some investments.

What does a savvy reinvestment look like in the world of affiliate marketing? Tools and tactics, my friends. It may cost you less than 50 bucks to get started in the affiliate game, but that’s going in blind. With the right tools, you can gain a serious edge over your markets and competitors. 

The following tools are highly touted across the web for their usefulness in the affiliate world.

Flippa: You can buy websites that already have backlinks and SEO results.

Sendible or Buffer: Easy social media management with pre-scheduled and cross-platform posting features. The great thing about Sendible is their referral program: if you recommend someone and they sign up, you earn money.

SEMRush: This tool will magnetize your content in terms of SEO, ensuring everything you pass down to your audience is super bot-friendly. It’s like a professional SEO auditor that’s always one, checking everything from alt and meta text to the internal linking structure. 

Google ads: As a beginner, you are probably using free methods to generate traffic. But when your budget grows, use the beast mode search engine Google to create engaging and highly effective pay-per-click ads. Bing works as well, but Google is #1.

Ifluenz: This traffic source will connect you with influencers who can give your brand shout-outs. Picture your website (which leads to your affiliate products) being shown by an influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers. Good stuff!

Duplichecker: Helps to detect plagiarism in your value material, even if you didn’t mean to copy anything – this is huge in avoiding ranking penalties and staying on each search engine’s good side. Duplichecker features a handy grammer checker as well. Get it? 😉

KeywordSpy: If you like to feel sneaky (don’t worry, it’s all above board), KeywordSpy is a highly valuable tool for uncovering your competitors keyword strategies. Whether you want to charge right at them or tiptoe around their phrases it’s up to you. Oh, and it also analyzes and reports live data on the most successful affiliate products from 300+ affiliate networks. So yeah, a very nice tool.

Fiverr or Upwork: This website has freelancers you can hire to help you expand in any area of your affiliate business. If you need help with social media management, covered. If you need help with videos, covered. If you want more help in marketing, covered. The freelancers vary in cost, but when you outsource, you can save time that can be spent on more pressing improvements and/or big-picture stuff. 

Those are just a few ways to invest your initial earnings, go beyond the basics, and continue to grow. Are there other resources out there? Enough to literally fill volumes. This is a great start.

I wish you the best!

Disclaimer: The link to Fiverr is an affiliate link.  If you select it and use Fiverr, then I will receive a commission.  This helps fund my online business and I appreciate your support.

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