Books On Affiliate Marketing: The 3 Best For You To Read

Books on affiliate marketing are a solid way to not only grow your mind, but your strategies and EARNINGS!

We’ve all heard one variation or another of the following statement: Those who read more are more successful in life. Since we affiliates are blessed (and cursed) with great aspirations, we need to make a lifelong commitment to reading and learning from books on affiliate marketing.

In that same beautiful, aggressive, and uncompromising spirit, it’s my honor to bring to you some of the best books I’ve ever read on the topic of affiliate marketing.

Sure, you can find much of this content online, but reading exercises the mind in a unique way. It deeply stimulates areas of your brain required to think creatively, manage stress, and maintain discipline. Just as with any performance-based system, training is essential.

You Must Exercise!

Forget the kitschy supplements, gadgets, and motivational quotes. Athletes who don’t train will not outperform the competition – simple as that.

Similarly, affiliates who skip training by not enriching their minds with as much info as possible will not be in the “shape” required to outperform their competition. And trust me, the competition is thick.

I understand that it’s not a passion for everyone. I detested reading as a kid. They characterized me to have ADD, and I believed it. My dad used to force my brothers and me to sit at the table while he read boring books about finances. It didn’t exactly help, but he loved us, so we don’t hold it against him.

I’m getting to the point about books on affiliate marketing, promise…

Finally, as I entered my early thirties, I came across uber-successful multi-millionaire Dean Graziosi’s book, Millionaire Success Habits“. He makes a very salient and BS-free point: It’s not some “secret sauce” that creates success, but simple, everyday habits. Chief among the habits that Graziosi recommended was – yup, you guessed it – learning as much as you can.

Now, this does come with an asterisk. If you spend efforts absorbing negative, hollow, or otherwise unhelpful information (i.e., the news, reality TV, etc.), you won’t benefit much.

So, I followed the advice, formed the right habits, and kicked my affiliate marketing efforts into high gear. And it started with reading.

If you don’t like reading, yeah – it’s going to be a bit of an uphill. HOWEVER, if you’re willing to at least put some kind of mental exercise in on a daily basis, you can count on the following books to give you solid, digestible, and highly relevant information.

Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide 2019

In Ronald Roberts’ Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide 2019,” you will learn how to make $10,000 a month or more. Now, I understand you may be initially hesitant, given the “2019” part, but this information is still highly applicable. 

Keeping to our metaphor of the athlete in training, this book is the equivalent of any personal trainer’s go-to tips – the absolutely essential fundamentals. Presuming nothing, Roberts starts the books by defining helpful terms so that you can save time backtracking and looking stuff up.

Then, he demystifies the whole “making your own website” thing by breaking it into super simple steps. It’s absolutely essential that you have your own affiliate marketing website! If you haven’t heard it 83 times throughout my YouTube  and blog content, I’ll remind you now. Website. Weeeebsite. 

Get your affiliate marketing website set up ASAP.

Instead of thrusting the reader into some tech-y, jargon-filled lecture about web design features to advanced for any of us to use, Roberts comes at you with a refreshing, “for dummies” approach. Here’s how he breaks down the process.

First, get yourself hooked up with a high-quality hosting service like Bluehost. It’s fine to start out with a basic plan. You can always upgrade with more advanced options as your affiliate career evolves.

Why Bluehost? Aside from doing what other hosts do super well, it is also optimized for easy WordPress installation. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time and effort to build a beautiful WordPress site, only to have to wrestle with your hosting service and slash functionality just to get the thing live.

Roberts then goes on to lay out one of the best lists of affiliate marketer beginner fundamentals I’ve ever seen. What I’m talking about is what to do after you create your website, how to select the perfect products, how to bring in quality traffic to a quality landing page, how to structure your offer and nurture your email list, and more.

Moreover, he doesn’t pander to you with fluffy content – he just tells you exactly what you need to know in a super simple way.

A ten year old could read this book on affiliate marketing and grasp just about everything in it.

My favorite part about this book was the end. Not simply because it was the end, but because he went the extra mile in chapter 9 by unselfishly providing some of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches around. He could have hoarded the knowledge for his own profits, but he’s passed it on.

To provide even more value, Roberts provided the best affiliate marketing programs for each niche. He’s practically handing you ready-made affiliate success. After that, he wraps up the book with a pointed and honest look at the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.

If you are at all confused about, frustrated with, or just generally interested in affiliate marketing, there’s no better resource. By the end, you’ll have learned how to make a very generous income with no boss, no set schedule, and no ceiling.

And how do we get there? First, by EXERCISING that brain to adapt these strategies and develop your own.


Christopher Clarke and Adam Preace kept honesty and sincerity at the forefront with “Do It Now Affiliate Marketing 2020,” and you can tell after just a few pages.

Fittingly, the authors kick off this comprehensive guide by reminding you to always remember why you’re making this commitment. What’s your vision? What do you dream of achieving through affiliate marketing? You’re going to need that pleasant daydream as fuel later.

The daydream is quickly cut short, however, by reality. Clarke and Preace balance it perfectly. They emphasize the dream, but they also emphasize the amount of action it’s going to take. What “action” exactly, you ask? That’s exactly what they’re here to explain. 

This book is intended to guide you to a successful affiliate marketing career in 2020. It’s safe to say that, in 2020 and the foreseeable future, Facebook will continue to grow. Knowing this all to well, the book recommends the use of the Facebook Ads Manager.

I know what you may be thinking. “I’ve heard it a thousand times with Facebook ads. Target, test, tweak.” That’s all good and fine, but this book isn’t even describing the use of actual ads. Instead, they emphasize use of the audience insights tools as a research method. This is how you can surgically pinpoint your ideal audience member – your customer avatar.

Every little detail you learn about your audience will influence your content for successful outcomes, if you let it.

You should crave to know everything. How old are they? What gender are they? What’s their education level, etc. Facebook can bring you this insight, and they are really, really good at it.

Heck, I know when I run Facebook ads, it’s really helpful to separate my traffic segments and view my campaign results according to geographical region.

Moving on from Facebook, if you are wisely growing a YouTube presence, you’ll likely spend plenty of time fiddling around with tags. Thankfully, this book will introduce you to a highly effective tool that you can use to discover which tags others are utilizing on relevant videos. 

As always, backlinks are going to be a loud presence in 2020, so this book makes sure not to gloss over the topic.

This is really helpful, considering many trainers and gurus out there are so used to the backlink requirement that they don’t go that in-depth anymore. The truth is that backlinks as a requirement won’t change soon, but how we build them does actually evolve. 

Finally, I was very relieved to see a comprehensive list of common affiliate marketing mistakes in chapter 10. Per the list, these mistakes range from skewed perceptions of web traffic (just assuming it will come to you), promoting too many products, failing to track campaigns, and more.

If you’re looking for actionable strategies that you may have not thought of before, encouragement, and super-fresh updates on the latest in the field, this book is pure gold. 

And the final book that will help you kick this affiliate marketing thing in the you-know-what is, drum roll please…

“From Nothing”

*Phew* Chills, man. Every time I read that title, it makes me so proud to do what I do – I hope you feel the same. Ian Pribyl’s From Nothing is evocative and well-written, yet highly practical. 

For example, Pribyl states early on that he will not “recommend anything that’s unnecessary when you’re just getting started.” And let me tell you, it’s a huge relief. You don’t feel overwhelmed with too much technical jargon. You don’t feel cheated or spammed. It’s the perfect happy medium.

If you’re skeptical, good. The proof is in the pudding, however. Know how I know Pribyl is the genuine article? Because he’s not advocating you spend thousands of dollars to get started. He’s not pitching all these products that he’s invested in. All it takes, per Pribyl, is a hundred bucks or less. My man (Denzel Washington voice).

To make it even more appealing to non-bookworms like myself, this book is filled with diagrams and pictures. If you’re a visual learner interested in affiliate marketing, welcome to paradise.

You’ll find plenty of step-by-step visuals explaining how to set up websites, use helpful tools, and other fundamental affiliate marketing methods. 

For example, I’ve already hinted at the usefulness of WordPress savvy for any affiliate, and this book makes sure to show you how to make your site from scratch. I’m not knocking the pre-designed sites, but in most cases, you’ll want the functionality of a built-from-scratch site.

What’s even better, Pribyl will get you there in five minutes or less! This book is the perfect example of how a well-planned, smartly structured approach can take away all the fear and anxiety people unnecessarily associate with building a website. He does it in very non-confusing language, too.

Speaking of confusion, I was admittedly completely lost when I first heard about the business essentials side of SEO. I don’t want you to be in the same boat, which is another reason why I’m recommending this as one of the absolute best books on affiliate marketing.

The explanation of SEO is refreshingly easy to absorb.

Even people who are transitioning to affiliate marketing from other business ventures may need a bit of deprogramming, because as Pribyl explains, following the short-tail isn’t a great idea for smaller operations. Instead, you should search for low-competition keywords, as you have a better chance of not being eclipsed by huge competitors.

It sounds funny at first, but he says to “build on the scraps the giants are leaving behind,” the scraps being long-tail keywords that pull in five hundred searches or less a month. 

The strongest testament to Pribyl’s honesty is his mention of the timetable. He doesn’t hide the fact that Google will take 6-12 months just to determine whether or not your site is trustworthy enough to start ranking you. A less well-meaning author would hide that fact to create urgency for you to buy their “systems.” 

Instead of empty promises and generic advice, Pribyl dedicated every word to the strategies that matter. Caring about your keyword’s location, for example, and not just the number of times it’s mentioned on the page, can make a huge difference in ranking.

He also dives into some of the finer points of on-page optimization, including meta tag and description, titles and subheadings, and that URL slug! Yes, you must optimize all of these. Even if human eyes skip them, robots never blink. Good luck sleeping after that one.

A Parting Reminder

I understand if you feel a little bit overwhelmed by the details at this point. Let me assure you, though, that if the drive is there, you can plow through any obstacle. All you need is to exercise that brain as fuel for the many shenanigans ahead. 

Not all exercise is created equal, however. You are sure to come cross plenty of click bait-y content on YouTube that promises instant results for minimal effort. If you stick to resources like the above books, which are available for less than $25 each, you’ll discover the real path to success: slow, un-sexy, but massively rewarding in the end. 

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you select a link, and make a purchase, I will receive a commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
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