Discover How To Use YouTube For Affiliate Marketing Part 2

Discover how important relative and accurate content is when it comes to making videos as a source of traffic for promoting within your niche.

The importance of Youtube cannot be denied as we can see that there are 1.8 billion users who are using this platform monthly for their respective purposes. So it’s a great opportunity for you to gain more traffic by using Youtube for Affiliate marketing. As I have already enlightened you with the knowledge of using Youtube for Affiliate marketing in the previous article. If you are a newbie I must suggest you go through that article (Click here)for better understanding. So today we will look at how content will make the difference in gaining more traffic. Let’s start.

Link-to-Content Relevance

Linking to completely unrelated products is a tried-and-true way to sketch someone out and throw them off. It’s basically the Internet equivalent of a guy who sells watches, insurance policies, and cigars out of his trench coat.

If you were watching a video about home exercise equipment, to keep our example alive, and you found a web hosting affiliate links in the description. Wouldn’t you doubt the credibility of the content creator? I certainly would.

YouTube for Affiliate Marketing
You get the point here – a seamless transition from the content of the video to the affiliate link is hugely important in disarming consumer skepticism. Your video is like the junior sales associate. Who is practicing their selling skills by talking up the product in an indirect and fun way, and the affiliate link/vendor page is closer.

If the first guy or girl is showing you sporting equipment, and the closer takes you to Subway, you’d be really confused and creeped out. It can be tempting to try and bend your content to a high-commission affiliate link that you really want to try out, but it should definitely be the other way around.

Content-to-Audience Relevance

What’s the point of promoting your YouTube content to a completely cold audience. When you can find a hyper-targeted one in five minutes? Look, if it’s free, I guess I can’t give you that much of a hard time, but it’s still a waste of your time.

There are so many ways, not just on YouTube.  You can also promote your videos to the right people through many other platforms. So I’ll just fire off some bullets for you:

  • Commenting on relevant YouTube videos and interacting with other creators
  • Answering Quora questions on your topic area
  • Taking out native, PPC or social media ads that filter audiences by likes/search preferences
  • Promoting through your targeted blog and/or site
  • Befriending influencers in your niche
  • Creating consistent, niche-specific content

YouTube for Affiliate Marketing
Notice how content alone is a targeted traffic generating method?

That speaks to the power of content-to-content relevance that I mentioned above, and it’s totally logical. Your topic area will obviously cultivate an audience of people interested in…your topic area.

Let me end with a disclaimer. Please read carefully so as not to confuse my message: standing out is good. Video content is the ultimate opportunity for you to be a tiny bit quirky. To create your gimmicks, show a little personality, and even goof off a bit.

You don’t have to be super mainstream and boring to maintain relevance.  If you’re taking a fun and niche approach. Then all of your content has to be fun and niche in a similar way. Make sense?

Be relative to yourself, and you can be as weird as you want – so long as you offer consistent value. Have fun out there!

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