Free Ways To Get Traffic! Paid Methods Too.

There are free ways to get traffic, and paid ways to get traffic. I will explain valuable resources you can use for your benefit.

There are so many ways to promote your link, and thank goodness for that – there are free ways to get traffic and some that would need cash! Each advertising model is unique to the affiliate’s selling points, online presence, target demographics and so forth, so it’s hard to put promotional models into neat little boxes. That being said, we can at least divide link promotion/advertising into two general fields: free and paid. Let’s start with our favourite four-letter word, shall we?

Free Ways to Get Traffic – How? 

Free traffic generation is just that – bringing in site visitors at no extra cost. In terms of accountability, this traffic is as squeaky clean as it can get. You will always know where your traffic is coming from because you personally generated it. People liked you and the value that your product provides, solves a problem, or fulfills a need for them. So, with free traffic, you are not siphoning traffic from other people’s marketing lists and databases (for example, solo ads), but I’ll get to that later. 

Promoting for free does require more effort than just paying an advertiser and watching the clicks roll in. However, like I stated before, the people whom you personally reached out to using free methods actually value your input – a very important detail in terms of conversion and engagement.

Okay, you’ve got the “what,” now on to the “where” and “how.” You will definitely want to utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your prioritization of these three will depend on the nature of your content. Are you promoting physical products that look good in pictures (so, Instagram), or do you like to produce article and blog content surrounding your digital info-product (more like Facebook/Twitter)? If younger millennials comprise a large swath of your target audience, then Snapchat is a gem.

Now, I have to mention that Facebook is not as business-friendly as some other social media sites.

For example, if you are promoting an affiliate link for a JVZoo product, forget it. Facebook won’t even allow you to post the link. You have to literally split up the link address and instruct people to take the space out when they enter it into the web address bar – who would take the time to do that on mobile? 

One person, maybe. If you do use Facebook a lot and want to use it to build leads that turn to profit, let super affiliate Michael Cheney train you on cracking the code. It takes consistency, but you can learn where the money is on Facebook.

Of paramount importance in social media advertising and other free promotion methods is targeted content. You absolutely must find the right audience for your niche. If you are spamming people in the Facebook group “Dog Trainers for Fido” with weight-loss content, you’ll be hard-pressed to make any sales. 

If you’re promoting a digital info product about making money online with affiliate marketing, then find people on social media who follow successful affiliate marketers. You can google the most successful affiliate marketers and find them on social media that way.

Highlight and underline this if you have to, because I’m repeating it for emphasis. Of all the fun tricks and techniques you will use, staying active within the appropriate niche (aka targeting) is absolutely imperative. Follow and befriend people, add substantive content and keep the momentum going. 

In order to accomplish the above, you must find where the people in your niche spend the majority of their time social media-wise.

Once you have found the right people in the right niche, don’t just blast your link.

They don’t know you yet. Interact with them. Show them the value of your product and how it can help. Prove that the product is helpful, using a personal and experience-driven approach (because you did buy the product, right??). Offer training on the product’s use or even a free service that relates to the product.

Another free promotion method is YouTube. This is definitely the most effective nowadays because people will watch videos all day, and it’s just such an attractive and engaging medium for connecting with an audience. It allows you to transcend from a snippet of text to a human. They can hear your voice, see your face, and listen to your stories. 

Affiliate Marketing Training

Speaking of, you need to offer something of value upfront with YouTube, just like FB, Twitter, etc…If you are promoting affiliate marketing training, then make a video discussing the basics of affiliate marketing. Perhaps at the end of the video, you could state, “If you want to learn about how I was trained for success, select the link below.”

Now onto the paid traffic…

Alright, if I didn’t lose you yet, it means you would at least consider throwing down a little coin for steady traffic. It may take more than a little, though. Paid traffic can be very expensive. If done right, though, your revenue will of course outweigh your ad spend, and boom – you’ve turned a profit.

Solo ads are common in the paid advertising realm, especially for affiliates, but I disagree with anybody who hails them as the end-all-be-all of affiliate marketing ads. Yes, you can find plenty of highly rated and reasonably priced solo ad sellers out there on websites like Udimi, but their lists are routinely blasted with advertisements – not exactly prime, quality traffic. 

Plus, the unfortunate truth is that many solo ad sellers will use “bots” to manufacture fake link clicks. Yep, they will actually generate clicks using bots who will of course never buy anything. Solo ads can win you some sales, and it is a means to build a list, but do not rely on them as the one and only solution to your need when it comes to you spending money on traffic and advertising to bring in traffic.

You can negotiate with a traffic broker, who will reach out to people with internal lists and share your affiliate link for opt-ins, traffic, or a specific CTA you have, but they can also be expensive. Make sure they have good customer service. I once bought 1,000 clicks from a traffic broker, who took more than a month to even begin to bring them in. In the end, I only ended up with 800 clicks. So, do your research!

If you have your own website, blog, or YouTube channel, you can reach out to influencers for a quick spot in one of their videos (just imagine a shout out from an influencer to their audience of 100k plus). But, once again, it has to be in the right niche. If you’re promoting parenting resources, an influencer in the wealth and luxury niche will not be able to give you a shout out or generate sales for your niche. 

Affiliate’s Selling Points

You find an influencer and negotiate with them about a shout out, if they are willing to discuss with you.You can definitely find help with influencer traffic on websites like Ifluenz. Ifluenz’s motto is “Influencer Marketing Made Easy”. So help Ifluenz, help you. Make sure you are marketing your content at this point, however. Your website, your channel, your blog, etc. Don’t just push the affiliate link.

Last but not least, Facebook, Google, YouTube and other major online entities will simply let you post ads (and in Google’s case, rank your content on the first page) to your audience for a fee. Depending on your strategy and the site you’re using, you may be using a pay-per-click, flat fee or other payment model. 

Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram ads work together. Another convenience in this realm is the ability to set limits; you determine the maximum amount you’re willing to spend, and that caps it. While you’re creating your ad, you can narrow down sub-demographics to better target your message.

For example, if you’re creating a Facebook ad for your automobile accessories content/links, you can tell Facebook to post the ad to a certain gender and age and to advertise to people who have liked automobile page xyz. Speaking of the ad itself, remember to make it fun and exciting. People aren’t going to stop scrolling through their feed if your ad looks about as exciting as a brick wall. Recall what I stated earlier about Facebook’s strict stance on business. 

If you are promoting a product that helps people to earn money, then nope – you won’t be able to send people to the landing page generated from an affiliate link. What the ad can do, however, is provide questions for people to fill out while generating leads for your email list. Then, within your email list, you can provide the affiliate link.

I covered a lot of the heavy hitters, but there are certainly many, many more free ways to get traffic and promote your affiliate link. Some are really creative and out there, some are free, and some are paid. If you want to learn more, contact me. One last piece of advice: whether you are receiving free or paid traffic, never ever let your list go dead. The sale will probably not be made at first, but if you consistently (not overwhelmingly) provide valuable content to your email list, the trust will build and the sale will be made.

What traffic sources do you utilize?


Disclaimer:   The links above are affiliate links. If you select a link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a small commission. This will help fund my online business and I thank you for your support.

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