5 Very Helpful Tips About Finding Your Niche

Find out how to decide on which niche market you should be promoting within. You must be niche specific and add value to it. Learn how, in this article.

Would you go to a self-proclaimed “shoe repair expert” who also sold cars and did people’s taxes, all out of the same office? If you fail to define a niche within your affiliate marketing campaigns, this is how greasy you could look. Let me help you in finding your niche.

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You need a niche to define your audience, showcase your authority on the matter(s) and keep your content consistent. This article will show you how to do this.

When you earn followers, it’s not because of your landing page background color. It’s not because you’re likable, though I’m sure you are. It’s because you are providing content that is interesting, helpful, and relatable to a specific audience.

If you’re providing fitness content, you’re obviously going to attract people looking to get in good or better shape. If you were to suddenly start blabbing on about how to create the perfect harmony profile, your fitness peeps would be like, “WTH bro?”

It’s imperative that you put a lot of thought into finding your niche and sticking with it throughout your content.

Profitable Niches

Right now, the most profitable (and incidentally, most competitive) niches are

  • Wealth
  • Health and fitness
  • Dating and romance
  • Pets
  • Fashion, and a few others.

Finding a niche will become easy if you make a list of your hobbies, interests, skills, and passions. Search Google trends to make your selection easy and jump quickly to the future booming niche.

Self-examination: this will help you determine what your area of expertise is.

Are you an avid camper, for example? Then create a product review website for camping equipment with Amazon affiliate links embedded. Whatever you do, stick to your niche!

Once you have determined your niche, it’s time to build your WordPress website and start laying down some high-quality content.

Your niche audience is your investment – you have to take care of them by providing them with real, heartfelt reviews and recommendations. If you actually don’t know anything about camping equipment, your thin disguise will quickly dissolve, and the audience you are building will leave you.

I’ve stated it numerous times before content content content.

When you can provide actionable information that helps a population solve a problem, you’re in the right niche. When you can quickly identify and address your audience members’ pain points because you went through them yourself, you’re in the right niche.

This is why you should take your time when outlining your niche because it’s virtually one of the most important decisions an affiliate can make! The closer the topic is to your knowledge base and interests, the better your chances of success will be.

More Niches More Revenue

Now, nobody says you can’t have more than one niche if you have expert knowledge (or are learning) in a number of different fields. The point isn’t that you only stick to one thing – the point is that your message is consistent. If you have ten different niches, just make them each distinct in their own right, and don’t blend them together – make sense?

Heck, I read about a guy who actually markets in 10 different niches – outstanding! Of course, that’s ten different sites you have to manage…

Here’s my summary:

  1. Reflect on your greatest interests, passions, skills, and hobbies.
  2. Decide on a niche topic that you are very familiar with based on this reflection.
  3. Create meaningful, insightful content on your site that helps people solve problems and get the most out of your niche area (camping, for example).
  4. Branch out into other niches if you like, but never on the same site. Each niche requires its own space.
  5. Post, promote, tweak, repeat. Post, promote, tweak, repeat….
    What niche markets interest you? 😊
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