3 Sales-Centered Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Want to know more about making sales in affiliate marketing? Here are step by step strategies you can utilize to earn those commissions.

I don’t want to say I’ve “danced around the topic,” but I will admit that I’ve been a bit cautious when describing how to make sales up until now.

Why, Scott? Why?

I want to make sure you are in this for the right reasons. I want you to understand that there are many, many pieces that have to slide into place before you make even one sale. I wanted to keep you from being blinded by those dollar-sign eyes.

But since you have been so diligently following my blog, and now my YouTube channel , I think it’s about time we looked this thing right in the eyes.

Let’s talk about sales. This post, just like the video I linked above, is all about different approaches you can take with your content to crank up that conversion ratio. You and I  are going to come at it from a few angles involving funnels, autoresponders, lead magnets, and all kinds of fun pitches. Let’s go!

The “Easy” Funnel

I’m going to be a little frank here, so be prepared. If you’re trying to get away with a content-starved, two-page funnel for simplicity’s sake, your sales aren’t going to look so great.

We all do it at one point or another. You throw up the landing page and spend 98% of the time on the template/design. Then, using that same template, you slap together a sales page with just a couple lines of text on it and/or an image and/or a short video and call it a day.

Look, you can technically make sales with a two-page funnel. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I recommend you do two things, however, if you’re really looking to increase sales in this scenario.

First and foremost, beef up the content. I get it – landing pages aren’t for paragraph after paragraph of text. Still, you need to ensure that the quality is beefed up as much as it possibly can be. This means that, instead of just shouting at your audience to buy, you craft content that:

  • Inspires them
  • Highlights their pain points
  • Positions your product as a unique solution
  • Positions you as an authority on the product

That’s a given, whether you’re running a two-page funnel or a fifty-page funnel (not recommended).

Speaking of, the next step is to insert a third page in the middle: the almighty thank you page.

So, we now have landing page – thank you page – sales page. Why is the thank you page so important? Because it is perfectly positioned to begin building a relationship with your audience, establishing trust and brand recognition, relating to the person’s pain points, and really highlighting your awesome product.

Honestly, I believe that the thank you page might actually be the most important in small funnels. Call it a hot take if you want, but this is where you can really shine. You can’t really weasel all of this information in on a landing page, and you certainly don’t want it on your sales page unless you’re going long-form letter, but that’s another thing entirely.

So, don’t overlook the thank you page like so many other affiliates do. Put up a nice video. Show your face. Be sincere and friendly, yet direct and helpful. If you make this easy funnel fix (or just build your funnel this way from scratch) and you still aren’t hitting the numbers you want, then it’s off to the list!

How To Make Sales Selling in Your Sleep

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It’s a gimmicky way to phrase it, but it’s true. Having an email list is like having an army of salespeople who work for free, 24/7. When you’re trying to increase sales, however, you need to know how to utilize an email marketing strategy for your list. Just having it is no guarantee of success, like the sales funnels above.

So, your prospect didn’t buy. There’s no time to sulk, because you’re going to follow through instead. Here’s what you do, step by step:

  1. Provide a pitch to your product offer/page. Be friendly and informative, not pushy.
  2. Provide another pitch in the same fashion.
  3. Provide a value-added email after the second pitch. A mini-guide, free tips, or any other helpful content     centered on your product niche.
  4. Provide another value-added email in the same fashion.
  5. Then it’s back to the pitch, and so on and so forth.

Get the pattern? With the exception of the first two pitches, the rhythm goes value-value-pitch, value-value-pitch, value-value-pitch. That’s how you “warm up” your non-buyers and turn them into sales.

Your autoresponder is your safety net; your buffer. It takes a second pass, and a third, and a fourth, through all those people who fell through your funnel, offering redemption for your conversion ratio. And it does all of this for free or very little cost, and on autopilot.

Man, I seriously love email marketing. But that’s not the end of it my friend, because now that you’re warmed up to both of these ideas (the simple funnel and email marketing), I’m going to roll out something a little more sophisticated in the form of, well, another awesome funnel!

Fancy Funnels Abound

Alright, so I really like this funnel for a number of reasons. It’s hugely helpful in establishing expertise, authority and trust (EAT), which is basically digital marketing gold. It allows you to utilize strong content and your email list without bombarding the customer. Allow me to give you the steps once more.

First, you have your landing page with opt-in. No huge changes there. Then, however, you’re going to kind of parse your lead magnet, i.e., your mini-course/guides into multiple pages after that. So, it goes landing page, lesson #1 page, lesson #2 page, and so on until you have 3-4 pages.

All of these pages provide insightful videos designed to generate interest in the offer while establishing authority and brand recognition. They build up to the course naturally, and they make your prospect feel pre-invested in the product.

That said, you want to make sure you don’t give too much info away with these guides, because then you’ll disincentivize people from buying.

Alright, so after the four lesson pages and your opt-in/intro page, you then lead into the sales page. I just love this funnel because it kind of acts as its own email list, and you can still use your autoresponder in the same way I mentioned above, doubling your chances to really build trust with your people.

Alternatively, you can go landing page, thank you page with longer mini-course, and sales page. So, instead of having 3-4 lesson pages, just have an hourish-long video that acts as a primer. The concept here is the same: establishing EAT and helping the prospect feel committed even before buying.

In either case, I just want to emphasize that you use everything at your disposal. Don’t just spam that refresh button on your analytics/earnings pages in hopes that you make sales. Make live changes when needed. Split test. Drum up interest on social media. And for goodness sake, you better be using that autoresponder.

I’ll say what we’re all thinking for once, because since you now know how to make sales:

Let’s go make some money!

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