3 Crucial Facts About Keywords Being In Natural Content

There are 3 facts about keywords being in natural content. Having important, relative, and valuable content is important because it helps with conversions, but also keeps you on Google's good side.

As new marketers especially go toe-to-toe with the Google algorithm. It’s easy to lose sight of the less technical side. Sometimes, we’re so worried about long-tail versus short-tail, sitemaps, internal linking structure, and split-testing. We forget about the most significant element, which is high-quality content. we will discuss Some facts about keywords that will help you in preparing good quality content.

Affiliate Marketing

Content will accomplish three very important things for your brand. First, researching Natural “Strings” or phrases will uncover potential keywords, both page-level, and sitewide. Second, unique and high-quality content will win Google’s favor. Third, landing on the first page is nothing if your audience feels spammed or confused. Quality content must be relatable, informative, and helpful.

Before we talk about the game-changing benefits of natural content. We, of course, have to define it.  So, the term is simple enough that even non-marketers will understand that. It refers to the words that appear in your landing pages, articles, videos, etc.

However, content can also refer to logos, menus, images, slogans, and anything else that conveys a message. Let’s talk about those facts about the keywords.

Uncover The Natural Keyword Strings

Affiliates are no strangers to keyword research. Especially ones who are restless in terms of switching campaigns often. How many fancy tools you use doesn’t matter. If you can’t dive into the “natural content” mindset, you will lose out on some (usually long-tail) gems.

Don’t just hammer a dozen two-word variations of your keyword. So consider the natural, conversational way in which a searcher might ask search engines about your product. For example, instead of typing in “basketball shoes,” they may type “what are some good basketball shoes?”

It may seem like I’m just teaching you about the long-tail keywords. There is indeed a large overlap. Instead, Natural Strings are different in a way that they focus on normal human conversations. Long-tail keywords are all about narrowing competition by increasing specificity.

If the Natural String is “What are some good basketball shoes?”. Then the long-tail would go something like, “men’s basketball shoes on sale in New York, NY.” Did you see the difference? Both will open up new avenues in terms of sub-niche exposure, allowing you to compete with more established sellers to a degree.

Get on Google Good Side


Google historically is tight-lipped in terms of letting the public in on their ranking factors. Which makes sense because if the exact formula for success is open to everyone. It would be very difficult to prioritize and rank the millions of websites doing the same things.

By examining millions of websites, and analyzing their rankings. We can reverse engineer their success. That’s what Moz, Search Engine World, and other heavy hitters in the SEO industry have done.

Their conclusion? Content is the king. It is within the top three ranking factors. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing, too. Your content has to be engaging and grammatically correct.

Keywords should be used in a good way instead of stuffing them in the content. You must have to post regularly, engage with your audience. After this, you will get a reward in terms of steady ranking boosts.

Relate To Your Audience

It’s critical to remember that we marketers must transcend the “machine element,” i.e., pleasing the search engines. So that we can focus on the human element as well. Like I mentioned before, even a number 1 ranking is nothing. If your content does not entertain, educate, or inspire your audience.

If you are obsessed with the technicalities of on-page optimization. Then your language may sound too strained and technical. You’ll lose your audience. It sounds strange, but always remember to be a human.

There are different Affiliate Marketing tools that you can use to get help in analyzing competitors’ keywords. So, with these tools and your research, there is a greater chance to provide quality content. For sure, it will also help in achieving a good rank on google.

I hope you got the idea best of luck with your keyword research.

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