1 Great Tool To Make Your Life Easier In Affiliate Marketing

There is 1 great tool you can use to make life easier in affiliate marketing. Actually there are many great tools, but an autoresponder is a must!

A huge part of the supposedly “too good to be true” element within the affiliate life, the “do whatever you want and make money while you sleep” chatter, is the autoresponder. It is because autoresponders exist that the above claim is actually achievable. With a soundly structured offer, a sizeable list and an effective autoresponder, you have essentially built yourself a team of professional salespeople who work around the clock for free.

Okay great, but what the heck is an autoresponder?

The term refers to an email marketing system that sends messages on a schedule to an email list that you have built up. Also referred to as an “email series” or “autoresponder series,” the magic is in the automation. Even before your list is being built, you can carefully construct 5, 10, or 100 emails providing free information, giving your readers industry updates, and of course, inserting affiliate links as appropriate. Schedule the messages, and voila – when someone joins your list, they automatically receive each message. You can also create messages on the fly and send them to your entire list whenever you want, which is a useful tool if you’d like to highlight relevant happenings in your topic area. 

Email Marketing

As you can see, autoresponders save a ton of time. You can disseminate important information to a huge number of people automatically. More importantly, authentic communication with your subscribers is paramount to building a relationship. It’s the perfect vessel for turning cold traffic (a stranger who opts-in to your list from an advertised landing page) to at least warm traffic (a subscriber who has read your helpful content and knows who you are), which is an absolutely critical component of that magical word: conversion. This is your chance to transcend generic, corporate-y slogans and share some real value with an audience. People don’t necessarily care about the product; they want to see tangible results. Show them.

Because you are saving such a huge amount of time, you can not only take your time in creating the ultimate email series, but you can make tweaks depending on your list’s responses. As with any marketing tool, keep an eye on analytics: your open rate, click rate, and so forth. It may be tempting to make changes every time you have an epiphany, but you have to give the list time to reflect each change.

Finally, BEFORE you structure your email series, make absolutely sure that your email marketing platform allows affiliate offers. The last thing you want is to lose an entire email list because you didn’t check before violating the system’s T&Cs. Poof – gone. I have discovered GetResponse  is very user friendly and will allow more of a variety of affiliate offers. The customer service is outstanding too. So it’s good to not only be safe from losing your list but also get instant 24/7 assistance when you need it. 

Finally, I want to emphasize the importance of email marketing as a stabilizing presence in your inevitably up-and-down affiliate career. If you don’t have a “regular job,” and are fully dependent on affiliate income, it is absolutely imperative that you keep your lists strong because they help a ton with consistency. If you simply market to cold traffic without retaining any long-term customers, the second you turn those ads off, you’re done. The loyalty is in the lists. When everything else stops, they keep going. 

Did this article help you understand more about using autoresponders to make business easier?

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