Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

For years, people have made good decisions because of a good old fashion pros and cons list. Affiliate marketing has pros and cons as well. Learn more!

Pros and cons of affiliate marketing! Another blog post about pros vs. cons?! You bet your list-loving rear it is!

Weighing the benefits and costs an extremely powerful decision making tool, requiring deep thought and intellectual curiosity and the good news is, I did the hard work for you (you’re welcome)!

There are definitely both pros and cons to affiliate marketing, but in my opinion (along with many others out there), the pros outweigh the cons.So check this out.

Let’s start with the

Pros of affiliate marketing:

1. Earn cold hard cash while you sleep.

Affiliates (you, the promoter) post ads on the internet and use other methods of generating traffic, that work around the clock promoting your merchant’s product (more details about promoting here).

2. Open source learning.

Gone are the days of traditional learning, sitting in a classroom and paying for a degree. There’s TONS of training out there ranging from absolutely free to paid. You can start from scratch, learning from the best affiliates in the world.

If you’re a newbie, look for affiliates that offer step-by-step training because you can get overwhelmed by the vast amount of information out there. Keep it simple.

3. You don’t need an actual product.

Logistics, shipping and handling, production of the product, inventory, buildings, delivering a service, and the list goes on. That could take YEARS to set up just to end up in the same spot: your own business.

4. You don’t have to deal with customer complaints.

When a customer is not satisfied with a product, it is up to the company to create the solution. However I would suggest to never consciously promote a product you know to be cheap and worthless. That could gravely effect your reputation, and it’s just plain wrong.

Affiliate Marketing

5. Global Market:

These days, it’s important to take advantage of this as the world is connected a mass scale. You can reach people all over the world through affiliate marketing.

6. Work at any place.

No commute and geographic flexibility. No need to unpack those obvious benefits any further.  7. Work at any time. You make your own schedule. A majority of people are morning people, but the rest are night owls and work best during the late evening and into the night. But most companies operate on a standard 8-5 schedule.

As promised…

The cons of affiliate marketing!

1. Being your own boss. This might sound contrarian, because most think that being your own boss is THE DREAM, but quite candidly, if you’re used to taking orders and performing tasks in a traditional 8-5 job, then affiliate marketing might not be for you.

As the one in charge, YOU decide when to work, how to work, what to work on, who to work with, and most importantly, why you’re doing it. A mind-shift might be in order for you to be successful in affiliate marketing.

2. The consumer, who made a purchase from your affiliate link, doesn’t belong to you.

This doesn’t always happen, but when the consumer makes other purchases from the merchant you promoted for, the merchant gets all of the money. You won’t receive any additional commissions from that consumer’s purchases.

3. Speaking of not getting paid, some merchants will mislead affiliates with promises of high commissions but pay less.

To avoid this, always research the merchant affiliate reviews. You can research through the power of Google.


4. Merchant stops the affiliate program.

Regardless of how successful you are in converting traffic to sales, any merchant, at any point could either go out of business or stop their affiliate program. It is a harsh reality, but one you must be aware of.

Are you feeling down and out about affiliate marketing after reading the cons? Well do not let your heart and mind be troubled! The only way to relieve anxiety is through action, so get in the game!

I still believe and know there are more benefits, such as….

1.  Cost effective

Marketing anything of the internet is overall affordable and what makes this even better is the seller takes care of the production cost of the product.

You’ll also not need a physical company location or have the need to hire employees. Forget about handling those logistics!

2.  No fees

Not all affiliate programs require a cost to join!! So I hope this article has helped you, since you have been thinking about the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.

Do you think the pros outweigh the cons?

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