The Most Important Information About Social Media For Traffic. Part 2

Discover how to earn free traffic by using social media. It takes engagement, visual content (and content of any kind), and embracing trends.

Simply being there is not enough anymore. Even if you’re the “nichiest” of the niche, there’s somebody on social media who is covering the exact same topic. Affiliate marketers need to inhabit this space in a way that drives engagement, whether that’s hopping on a trend, posting memorable content and/or staying actively engaged with the community that their topic focuses on.  

Affiliate marketers

When executed correctly, a social media marketing campaign can elevate your traffic streams to an absolutely ridiculous level – seriously. If you’re the type who loves long checklists and calculated tweaks, Vick Strizehus’ Internet Traffic Mastery course provides a ton of specific information about capitalizing on your social media marketing campaigns. 

I’ve already published a post on the nuts and bolts of setting up your profiles, tracking, and all of that good stuff, so let’s focus on your content approach, shall we?

Embrace the Power of the Trend

Whether it’s Twitter search, Google alerts, Quora, or a combination, you should always be combing the web for new trends so that you can possibly tie them in with your products. This adds a volatile (in a good way) element of viral potential that could elevate your brand to ridiculously higher numbers within just a day or two. 

You can’t just carelessly slap your brand on a new trend, though – you have to skillfully weave your product in with it so that the post doesn’t look too “put on.” Also, and I desperately wish this went without saying, you should not be ingesting detergent of any kind. Admirable level of commitment to your brand, not subpar decision making.

Visual Content is Dominating

Imagine the user experience. Someone’s on their phone right now (more like a million “someones”) scrolling through their Facebook feed at the speed of Price-Is-Right wheel. If you’re still trying to rock two or three lines of text and/or an underwhelming logo of some kind, you’re not going to make the cut in terms of attention-grabbing content. That wheel will keep on spinning. 

If you want to stop it, you need a strikingly well-designed/interesting/shocking or otherwise attention-grabbing photo or video. It’s important that you don’t annoy or scare your audience, but captivate them.

Visual content is simply more engaging, and there are volumes upon volumes of stats to prove it. It expresses your message in ways that text can’t, and it captures a lot of content in less time. Make it attractive, easy to understand and shareable.

Stay Engaged

Finally, it’s never been more important to stay engaged with your community on social media. This is a great opportunity to try out a personal voice – even be comical if you want. Huge brands like Wendy’s, as a matter of fact, have begun to adopt snarky, sarcastic and fun approaches to their social media. 

The point is to be a human being. When you respond to comments, questions, concerns or even trolls, the world should be able to see that it was a human and not some dumb bot that provided the information.

Don’t be afraid to take a lighthearted jab at critiques, even – it will absolutely score you some recognition points!
Engagement on social media is more than just responding to comments, of course. You always want to be looking for more groups, announcing important updates to your content, posting, and even issuing statements on current events that may or may not involve your content. Just exist. Be an engaged member of the platform, not a once-a-month poster.

These are the bare bones tactics, but they will influence even the most technical approaches to social media. As long as you can remember to grab people’s attention, be a human, and remain engaged, you’ll be drumming up some serious business

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