Best Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Training For 2020

FourPercent Company offers success and entrepreneurship training. It offers the best step by step affiliate marketing training for 2020.

I can’t put it any simpler than this: I have learned a ton about affiliate marketing and personal mindset from Vick Strizheus, founder of the FourPercent Success Challenge.  It is the best step by step affiliate marketing training course.

Overview of FourPercent

The FourPercent Success Challenge is the latest brainchild turned out by Vick and his Four Percent platform.  Four percent is a one-stop-shop for affiliates of all calibers. It offers a wealth of training materials to teach you how to build an online presence, select products, promote them and – of course – build multiple passive income streams.

FourPercent Success

You know, just everything that we all desperately long for.  Of course, as a scam-weary information consumer who is well aware of the many tricksters sullying the Internet with their phony offers, you’re doing your research before you dive headfirst into the Four Percent Challenge.

As you research Vick Strizheus and his platform, you’re likely to come upon something from his past – bad news travels fastest, after all.

Vick Strizheus Story

Let’s address the elephant in the room.  Several years ago, Vick Strizheus was convicted of grand theft, becoming one of the first affiliates to achieve 100% commission.  This business model is of course not sustainable, and he was caught.

At that point in his life, he found the crossroads that many a former wrongdoer can identify with:
Do I continue to goof off, or should I get serious and make a change?

He decided to change his life for the better, turning this low point into a foundation for his company.  Since then, Four Percent has been steadily producing “success story fuel” for hundreds upon hundreds of happy and successful affiliates.

If you don’t believe me, good – you should ask around with some other people who have benefited from Vick’s teachings.  Google the names Aaron Chen, Pete Kachev, Paolo Berginaual and more!

What’s so legit about FourPercent, you ask?  The care that Strizheus takes to actually train and educate you is far beyond anything I’ve ever seen in the affiliate training world to date.

Affiliates in training aren’t dumb – we know when we’re being taken advantage of, and skimpy, over-priced training courses are everywhere.

Promotional Picture to FourPercent Affiliate Marketing Webinar on how to build a "Highly Successful Affiliate Marketing Business- Step by Step"

Vick rises above this mediocrity by a huge margin, allowing you to finally find a continually growing learning community. It’s not just a course with a couple of modules that you can finish in a couple of days.

Course overview

This Affiliate marketing training course will teach you how to build a mentality that adds value not only to your business ventures but to your life.  It was through the FourPercent Success Challenge that I really embraced success habits via the incomparable Brian Tracy.

Since reading two of his books and listening to him speak for hours, my anxiety at work has decreased tremendously.  I’m more confident, capable, and balanced in my work and home life, and I owe it all to Brian Tracy and FourPercent.

Let’s dive into the anatomy of a lesson a little more so that you can calmly turn off your scam radar, as I thankfully did.

Before each and every FourPercent Success Challenge lesson, you will take part in a mindset exposure exercise, taught by great visionaries.


  • Brian Tracy
  • Steve Harvey
  • Keven Hart
  • Napolean Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich)
  • Earl, Nightingale
  • Zig Ziglar, and so many more.

Then, you will navigate each lesson with 24/7 live support.  You will learn about everything it takes to build amazing sales funnels: custom landing pages, link tracking and split testing, website setups, how to leverage YouTube, and the list goes on and on.

Everybody has fancy features, modules, and glowing testimonials nowadays.  Every affiliate training program can talk a good game.  Here’s why the FourPercent Success Challenge works:

It teaches you how to think like a successful person so that you don’t need to constantly be training. We should always be learning. Don’t get me wrong, but the best affiliate trainer should focus on working their way out of your lives as quickly as possible.

It sounds backward but thinks about it.  If you have the foundational mindset required to achieve success, you won’t need to learn about the latest gimmick or constantly try to catch up on trends. You will be able to create success because you understand the unchanging concepts that drive it.

Why FourPercent Success Challenge?

In review, I love the FourPercent Success challenge because:

1) It gives you the tools to be successful instead of feeding you the latest marketing gimmicks
2) It provides a huge, growing knowledge base filled with successful people
3) It will teach you to create success in business and your personal life

So, are you ready for the Challenge?


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