Create The Life You Want In 2020

Create the life you want in 2020 with affiliate marketing. Do not settle for the status quo! Maximize your potential!

It seems so final and futuristic, doesn’t it? 2020. If there were ever a year to create the life you want, it’s this one. I’d like to kick that off by paraphrasing T. Harv Eker: Poor people believe life happens to them and rich people believe they create their lives. So create the life you want in 2020!

A good one to think about, no?

This idea lives in the heart of affiliate marketing, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

For example, I myself thought that a meaningful life involved getting an education, working at a great job for 30 years, and hopefully getting a pension at the end of it. Boy, was I wrong?

There are a hundred billion neurons in your brain. If you think “punch clock, drone, punch clock again” for 30+ years is going to cut it in terms of your sense of fulfilment, you’re probably going to come up short. We’re wired to do much more, and with much more autonomy.

Yet we all believe the “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” shtick. Look, I love playing with my kids, but do you think I want to do it for 50 hours a week while some stranger tells me how? Freedom is what bridges the gap between following your passion and being exploited.

Create the life you want and earn your freedom!

I’m not saying you should immediately pack your bags and quit. I understand that you have bills like the rest of us. If you have found a job you like, great, but if it doesn’t pay enough, make more of it! Use your expertise to write a book. Create an online course. Find your audience and speak to them. Translation?

A profitable business!

In leveraging your own human capital to create income streams that are yours and yours alone, you’re setting yourself up to live freely and comfortably – especially if you keep that day job. That way, if the unforeseen does occur and you meet a large expense, you’ll be able to handle it.

On the other hand, you’ll have the opportunity (the obligation, really) to save up for things you really want to do.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect vessel for this.

You get the potential reward of a super-high-paying career without the extreme stress and lack of control! There’s stress, mind you, but it’s all in your hands.

Still, many turn away from the road less travelled in order to be “comfortable.” This is what your brain wants. Seriously – it’s how we’ve been wired for millennia. Get fat, stay warm in the winter, and have lots of babies. Our brains care about survival, not surplus.

Affiliate Marketing

The problem with this approach, however, is that it’s simply not enough to transcend the wheel of stress. Even a generously paying 9-5, let’s call it an annual salary of $80k, isn’t enough to get you to that financially worry-free place anymore. No use griping about it when we have options, though.

What’s more, since more than 90 percent of us are taking the conventional route (education, degree, job), competition is getting mighty thick out there.

“Bachelor’s degrees are the new high school diploma.”

Of all the annoying and counter-productive things to say!

I’m no exception. I enjoyed college, but my political science degree has done jack squat for me. Education is outdated. With trade schools and the Internet, people can build the skill sets they need for plenty of job-related opportunities. Thankfully, we’re just starting to see some job markets valuing more than just the four or five words scrawled on your resume.

Those five words cost me five digits each, not to mention the man-hours. I spent so much time and money learning about diplomacy and geopolitics, and what do I have to show for it? Those thousands of dollars could have been much better spent on affiliate marketing training and tools like SEMRush, Clickfunnels, etc.

Even though affiliate marketing’s not a secret anymore, people are still stuck on the traditional method. The drive to eat, get fat, and reproduce is very, very strong. Want to bury yourself in debt to pay for a degree you might never use? The banks are happy to roll out the “red” carpet (get it?) and your family is as proud as can be.

If instead, however, you tell your friends and family that you are going to invest thousands of building six-figure passive income streams, the doubter roar will sound in unison: “Whodawhaaaatt?!” Make way for the status quo, apparently.

What’s crazier, you don’t even have to spend close what you would spend on college to get the ball rolling with affiliate marketing.

For starters, you’ll need courses and tools to streamline your systems and, most importantly, educate yourself.

I guess what I’m saying is, you should make it a point not to settle in 2020. Don’t be comfortable. Resist your brain’s urge to rest and relax.

Simply rebelling against the status quo for rebellion’s sake won’t get you too far, however. You’ll need to meditate on what it is that you can contribute to your audience, how you’ll best deliver that, and what kind of effort you’re up for. Give it a little direction.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based system. The competition is thick, and it seems insurmountable at first, but each ceiling you breakthrough will bring you to a much less crowded place. If you make it far enough, you’ll go from sharing scraps to devouring markets whole.

This game is all about traction. Get traction, gain momentum, and re-invest profits into your business as much as you can. Connect with your audience, create high-quality content (as I’ve stated about 2,309,968 times), be solution-focused, and watch your vision come into focus.

Let’s end with my mentor, Vick Strizheus. “The only way you fail is if you quit.”

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