Do Not Give Up

You hear people say do not give up. But if you are not geared toward not giving up, then it's too easy to give up.

“Don’t give up.” We’ve all heard it a thousand times in speeches from celebrities we’ve never met, family and friends. Simply blurting out this command and failing to follow through, however, falls gravely short of real discipline.

If you’re not where you want to be in your affiliate marketing ventures, then you need more than three words to flip this equation. You need to change the way you see the world. You need to rewire your mind for success.

Now that we’ve re-framed the issue to accommodate the process behind the fortune-cookie wisdom, we need to outline what exactly the steps are to get you to this place. Your ability to not give up is the end product of this process.

Alright, I can see how this might seem a bit confusing. Let me show you what I mean by giving you the ingredients for toughness and determination.

Commit to Never Giving Up

I know, I know. “No duh, Scott. Easier said than done.” Hear me out. I’m not talking about a singular moment. I’m talking about reinforcing the idea through your actions. Strengthen your mind by repeatedly visualizing your goal.

Quantify your vision. How many people do you want to help with your content and products? How much money do you want to earn? Don’t answer “a lot.” Literally pick a number.

As Napolean Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Make more sense now? If you just conceive and believe a blurry image, then that same uncertainty will be reflected in your actions. If you focus on a specific goal and take steps to reinforce that image on a daily basis, giving up will seem a silly prospect.

Exercise Discipline

In the words of David Goggins, “Do something that sucks every day.” Here’s the deal: Discipline has nothing to do with feeling “hyped” or excited. It’s not to be confused with motivation, which is temporary. Discipline means going out there and grinding when you don’t feel good.

It’s training. When your mind and body are trained, working hard becomes a reflex – a state of being. It’s no longer a conscious effort. Ipso facto, being tired doesn’t matter. To a disciplined person, quitting is simply illogical.

How can you strengthen the muscle that is discipline? Seek out things you don’t like to do, and do them. Over and over and over again.

Have People Hold You Accountable

This one is absolutely HUGE. If the people you lean on are reliable enough, I would even say this technique is bordering on foolproof.

Here’s the best metaphor I can find to describe it. Take for example a teenage kid working summer jobs , the boss will often give the kid a paycheck at the beginning of the Friday shift. For the millennial audience, let me disclaim that paychecks used to actually take the form of physical, paper checks. World-ending hassle, I know.

Aaaanyway, the kid will sometimes forget the paycheck at his/her job and be forced to spend the weekend with no *ahem* soda money.

How does the kid remedy this? By being told by friends to put the paycheck directly under their car keys. If the kid wants to leave work, he/she was forced to see their paycheck and remember it. That’s what good friends and partners are like. Even when you want to forget what you know or give up, they keep you on track.

Find someone who makes you feel positive. You don’t want to be coddled, of course, but challenged in a positive way. Find people who demand a certain performance level from those around them. When they hold you accountable, return the favor and keep the cycle going.

Do not give up

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Meditate on Your “Why”

I know I have written about your why before, but lets review! Why are you in affiliate marketing? Maybe your friends or family members have asked you. “You stay up into the wee hours tinkering on your computer. Aren’t you stressed out?”

What you feel in the three seconds after being asked that question will determine whether or not you’re successful. If you think to yourself, “Yeah, why the heck am I doing this?” then it’s time for a serious reevaluation. If you simply smile and say, “Because one day, I’m going to {insert dream here}” then we’re getting closer to the mark.

Still, if your dream is to have all the fancy stuff, you’ll never make it there. That’s the paradox of becoming rich and successful. Those who focus on the material reward won’t grind hard enough to actually create the amazing content.

So, what should you dream about? It’s not my place to say. Maybe you have beautiful kids like my own whom you want to send to college. Maybe you just want to move somewhere sunny and nice. Whatever it is, hold it close to your heart and reflect on it. If you want it badly enough, you will will yourself to it.

Look Forward to Failure

People forget that there’s a downside to ambition. No matter how smart and talented you are as an affiliate marketer, you’re going to fail. A lot. Like, a double- or triple-digit number of times.

As someone who fancies himself highly ambitious, I know the real sting of failure. It’s not the fact that you failed, like most assume, but the fact that you have to delay things. Ambitious people are so intent to plow through all obstacles that each failure feels like an insult.

Am I saying you should relax your timetable to accommodate for failure? No, because then you’d get too comfortable. I’m saying that, like building discipline, learning to love failure is key to success. Each failure is another wrong answer checked off.

So, don’t fear failure. Welcome it. Take what you learned and move forward with a tighter approach.

How do you feel? Are you ready to do something that sucks? Will you allow others to hold you accountable? Are you pushing on with purpose or stumbling in the dark?

Giving up is a choice. Don’t chose it.

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