3 Dynamic Ways “Maxout Your Life” By Ed Mylett Can Help You In Affiliate Marketing

"Maxout Your Life" by Ed Mylett, is an incredible book. It is not about affiliate marketing per se, but the principals of it can be a game changer for you, as they were for me.

Where employees get paid the same no matter what they do, we affiliate marketers are blessed to take part in a performance-based system. To get paid extra for our extra effort (you think it wouldn’t be a novel concept), though, we have to be strong performers. How? Book, Maxout Your Life, by Ed Mylett is an excellent start.

Following is my review of this milestone book, along with my thoughts on how to practically apply the wisdom within for passive income creation.

While this work doesn’t directly hand you affiliate marketing “hacks,” it does something even more foundational to your success: it primes your mind and body to handle the workload. Understanding the principles within is the difference between maxing out and burning out.

That being said, let’s apply the Ed Mylett method into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Whether you’re in the research and planning stage, the early campaigns or a decade into the affiliate marketing world, we all have the same amount of time in a day.

Mylett explains early on in the book that, of a person’s seventy-eight years (citing the average lifespan) on this planet, just over a tenth of that is spent living. By living, he means not performing some mindless task; he’s talking about free time.

As affiliate marketers, especially at the beginning when most of us have other jobs, we have even less free time. We don’t have time to watch TV or surf the internet so much.

We need to stay focused so that we can churn out content, find and promote the right offers, track links, split-test, drive traffic and so on and so forth. So, how on earth do we “max-out” our time in affiliate marketing when we’re already pushing it so hard?

That’s where our pal Ed comes in.

3 The vital Ways In “Maxout Your Life”

Specifically, I’ve picked out three aspects of this book that have had transformative effects on my work performance and my life.

Of course, these three are just a sample of the many principles unraveled more skillfully by Ed Mylett in Maxout Your Life. So, you will have to purchase it whole hog to really embrace everything. I personally had no idea that so much enlightening information could be packed into 100 pages!

Don’t Stay the Same

Mylett states in his book that he is on a journey to “never be the same.” It’s not that he scorns who he was and is trying to become someone else, it’s that he wants to always evolve and adapt. Sound familiar, affiliate marketers? I certainly hope so!

Affiliate marketing is evolving by the year, and it won’t stop. Think about it: everyone is constantly competing for their share, meaning there will always be that rhythm. A new trick is created, everyone uses it, it becomes obsolete. A new trick is created, everyone uses it, it becomes obsolete…

For example, recall how landing pages used to function as one-stop sales machines. You could just slap a celebrity’s mug on a landing page and – boom – conversions for days. Now, you need an arsenal of blogs, social media channels, video content and more just to keep your ROI at a viable level!

The point? Adapt or die. Never become complacent. Always seek knowledge. The year 2020 is going to be vastly different than in 2019.

Keep Solid Daily Habits

If you don’t wrangle your schedule into submission, it will wrangle you first. Mylett makes a very salient point in his book about habits. Motivation comes and goes, but habits keep you consistently performing well, even when you don’t feel like it. Affiliate marketers love automated things, so this should be naturally appealing!

Wake up early. Take a cold shower if needed. Exercise. Don’t look at your phone right away. These are things that Mylett does. I’ve personally followed this model, and it has helped immensely. I believe it can help you as well. Remember: this performance-based system we’re in requires an above-average effort to yield results.

Last but not least by any means is the importance of mindset.


We’re not talking about intelligence or cleverness here; we’re talking about the nature of your self-talk. Your mind’s natural outlook. You’ve seen the videos and ads about the endless potential of affiliate marketing, but if your brain just says, “Meh, that will never be me,” then what’s the point?

It isn’t naive to hope for great things if you can see all of the steps in between. Don’t be afraid to elevate your hopes to such a level if you’re ready to commit to the work. This starts with a reflection on your own value, and the value of your work.

If you start with a pessimistic outlook, then you’ll doubt yourself all the way to the end of your short career. I sure wish I would have known the importance of mindset when I first started in affiliate marketing, but it’s not too late.

Affiliate marketing

At that time, I thought that I just needed to blast affiliate links all over the internet. I mean, why not? I was interested in the product, so others had to be, too. Then, I realized that I had to evolve my mindset and fully commit to this challenging and rewarding field. I had to dive in, learn, and dedicate myself.

Mylett’s book has been an integral part of that process. After reading it, I never looked back. This book doesn’t magically bestow some superpower on you – it can bring your strongest attributes to the front. How? One point that was particularly impacting for me was Mylett’s explanation of the RAS.

Yeah, I know, RAS sounds like some generic, corporate-smelling acronym like “Read, Adapt, Strive,” but it actually stands for “Reticular Activating System.”


Reticular Activating System

Think of it as a filter in your mind. As Mylett states, It is the “gatekeeper” that determines whether to pass the information or not. You can shape the behavior of the RAS with your mindset, meaning you can actually determine what information you retain by prioritizing things a certain way. Crazy, right?

So, if you’re just getting a new start, and you don’t have access to the millions of dollars that “super affiliates” do, then the RAS will prioritize absorption. You will constantly be searching for information that you don’t have – information that will get you from day, one rookie, to super affiliate.

That being said, if you’re reading books, listening to podcasts, watching quality YouTube videos, etc… your mind will pick up on information that can help you improve and/or sustain your affiliate marketing income.

When you put that information into practice, continuing to learn and evolve, your brain will actually carve out little shortcuts that will help you absorb more relevant information faster, while more readily recognizing and discarding bogus information. This is an art, however, as Mylett explains. It requires control of the RAS.

But seriously – is that not amazing?!


In conclusion, don’t ignore the importance of establishing great habits and a strong mindset. Commit to never being finished – commit to always being in a state of flux when it comes to learning and adopting new methods.

Yes, the income is passive in this performance-based system, but it’s not passive in the sense that you do nothing and the cash flows like wine. You must put in the time and continue to…

  • Evolve
  • Build solid daily habits
  • Create a strong mindset

You can buy Maxout Your Life written by Ed Mylett on Amazon. I never thought I would spend less than $20 and end up with such a priceless reward, but I did.

Disclaimer: This article contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a commission based on qualifying sales.

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