5 Highly Effective Techniques For A Successful Mindset

Learn 5 highly effective techniques for a successful mindset. A strong, positive mindset is vital for success, no matter what you are doing.

It may seem like discipline and patience are less vital to an affiliate marketer, who, according to all of the fake gurus online, spends his or her day in sweatpants (while raking in profits), but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A strong, positive mindset is vital for affiliates to overcome this harmful perception and find real success.
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Think about it this way: New affiliates who spend all day learning about “just how easy affiliate marketing is” tend to fall victim to what I refer to as the “glass vault” fallacy. These gurus make new affiliates believe that affiliate marketing is like a vault filled with priceless jewels, and the only thing separating you from these riches is a thin sheet of glass.

Yes, the potential of affiliate marketing is indeed limitless (hence the priceless jewels), but the barrier to entry is high, my friends. Very high.

So, instead of a thin sheet of glass, it’s a foot or two of lead. This is why mindset is absolutely imperative.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s relatively easy to find a product to promote. And to set up a sales funnel. And to drive traffic. But to disrupt a market? To compete with established sellers and make a name for yourself out of nothing? It’s going to take some failure. If you’re going to make it over these barriers, you’ll need the proper mindset. Here’s what I recommend:

Define Your Goals from the Beginning

When you start out, write down exactly what you want to accomplish with affiliate marketing. Don’t hesitate to select goals that seem out of reach at the moment. Like Les Brown stated, “Do what is easy, your life will be hard. Do what is hard, and your life will become easy.” If you want to become a millionaire, don’t be embarrassed. Write it down.

Feel that resistance? The little voice in your head saying, “No, forget it. Just stick to your nine-to-five job and you’ll be fine.” That’s your mind avoiding uncertainty. It’s your mind’s job to protect you from danger, a trait that has functioned as a survival tool for millennia when we were being chased by dire wolves. Well, there are no dire wolves chasing us anymore. It’s time to upgrade your “OS,” as it were.

Become Friends with Failure

Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of losing what you’ve worked to build are all processed by the mind and turned into self-doubt. You’re afraid of failing to make enough money. You’re afraid of the product not selling. You’re afraid of some other affiliate hijacking your email list. Whatever it is, your mind will latch onto it and drag you down with it.

If you want to conquer the fear of failure, the first thing you must do is embrace it. It’s not a disease, it’s a reflex arc – like quickly withdrawing your hand from a hot stove. Stop trying to rid yourself of it. Accept that failure is a component of success, and with each one, you’ll know you are closer to the goal.


Another obstacle that your pesky, survival-obsessed brain will throw your way involves the “mountain out of a molehill” adage. It’s great that you have big goals, like making a million in affiliate marketing, but if you don’t lay out any action steps to get there, your brain will constantly emphasize the impossibility of the task to you, compelling you to give up.

Instead of saying to yourself, “I wanna make a million,” then, just say, “I need to set up a sales funnel.” Boom – done. Then, after you make that first sale, you will experience a high that you’ll never forget, and it will motivate you to endure a few more failures at least.

It sounds exaggerated, but just wait until you see that first report. So, keep that small corner of your mind in the clouds, but make sure to focus on your feet every day.

Learn as Much as You Can

This can be a tough one. Many affiliates tend to latch onto a technique and develop tunnel-vision, possibly because they are floored by just how many options there are out there to do the same thing. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick model. It takes time an effort. So, without a strong and disciplined mind, a desire to learn, and successful people around you, you won’t hit your goals.

You have to commit to learning as much as you can about affiliate marketing, even if it clashes with other material you’ve learned. The more you learn, the more you develop that sense – the ability to discern a good campaign from a bad campaign before it starts. The more mindful you become, the fewer mistakes you will make.

Be Positive and Open-Minded

Hopefully, this one goes without saying. One thing that has helped me is to reflect on how many people have become successful affiliates. It may seem like you’re alone when you first start out, since most of your friends are probably in nine-to-five jobs, but know that you’re part of a special group of people.

People who refuse to trade their time for money. Be positive, for goodness sake – you’re breaking the system! With every failure, picture your end goal. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to those sweatpants after all.

I hope you enjoyed this quick survey of success practices. If you want to really dive more into these mentalities, I would recommend these two outstanding books: “Maxout Your Life” by Ed Mylett, and “The 5-Second Rule” by Mel Robbins.

What mindset and achievement books would you recommend?  

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