5 Game Changing Guidelines For Your Success

Discover 5 guidelines for success based on what the experts have to say! Discover what it takes from you to achieve your goals!


It’s not nearly as mystical as we make it out to be. How many times have you heard a millionaire being interviewed on TV say, “Well, I just kinda fell into it and here I am.” Outside of lottery winners and royal babies, nobody just “falls into” success. Millionaires are made by, as what Dean Graziosi describes, as “millionaire success habits” – that’s it.

Success in the affiliate marketing world starts with the realization that success is a destination, not some random miracle. A destination is something you can see. It’s something you can make travel plans for. Every time you succeed or fail, you get closer to it. Building success up as this holy grail that floats down from the clouds totally devalues all of the work that goes into it.


I absolutely love how blunt Brian Tracy is about this. “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” That’s it, guys and girls. Your brain and body want to find shortcuts to success so that they can go back to packing on calories for the next ice age (yes, that’s actually a thing), surviving and procreating. You don’t want to listen to Brian Tracy, because millionaire success habits aren’t sexy shortcuts. Wake up early, work extremely hard, go to bed, repeat.

Of course, it’s not that simple. Let me call upon Dean Graziosi’s book, Millionaire Success Habits, to break down the fundamentals to success for you. 

Find Your “Why”

If you can’t answer this question, then it’s time for a massive re-evaluation: Why? Why do you want to become a successful affiliate marketer? For most, it’s the opportunity to become untethered from the proverbial “9 to 5” job, opening up opportunities to travel, have fun, and spend time with family. For some, it’s a way to get out of debt or just make some cash on the side, and that’s great too.

Whatever your reason is, your “why” is absolutely critical for your journey to success because it will talk you off the ledge, time and time again. When you’re waking up early, going to bed late, and making social sacrifices, your brain will become your worst enemy. It will whisper thoughts to your conscience all day, aiming to create self-doubt. “This isn’t healthy.” “You’re being selfish.” “You’re never going to make it.” It actually wants you to quit – isn’t that creepy? 

Les Brown put it best when he said, “If you don’t program yourself, your life will program you.” This is where the “why” comes in. When you’re exhausted and cranky, remember why you’re doing this. Remember the dream of Thursday afternoon museum visits with your son or daughter, or traveling the world, or buying a ridiculous car. Your “why” is your engine. 

Set Goals

I know, I know, you’ve heard this thirteen hundred times, and for good reason. There simply is no way around goal-setting. Trying to become a successful affiliate marketer without goals is like running a race without a finish line. Millionaire success habits are driven towards a purpose: achieving one goal at a time. Plus, remember how I talked about demystifying success? Well, what sounds more achievable to you?

successful affiliate marketer

I just cleared a 2% conversion ratio for the day. Sometime before I’m dead, I might be a millionaire!

Do you see how goal-setting functions as a motivator? It’s like chopping Mount Everest into a hundred pieces. No single goal is insurmountable, but when you reach the peak and look down, you’re amazed at what you accomplished. 

Procrastination Diagnosis & Repair

Let me refer back to the power of the “why” for a second. If you’re procrastinating, it means that your “why” is in need of repair. You know that you want to achieve success as an affiliate. You crave freedom from the “regular old grind” more than anything. If you find yourself procrastinating, though, your “why” is being clouded by one or more factors:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Distractions
  3. Negative Influences
  4. Increasing Self-Doubt
  5. Changing Circumstances

Believe it or not, there’s a catch-all solution to these issues. Meditate on your “why.” Seriously. Take a ten-minute break when you can, sit down, and picture it. You’ve got the ridiculous car. You’ve got the entire day to play soccer in the backyard with your kid. You’re low-key bragging to the vacationers next to you about how many weeks you’ve been at this resort. Whatever it is, immerse yourself in it. Open your eyes. If you don’t feel inspired, then you need a new dream. 

The Art of the Shmooze (“Attract and Persuade”)

In Millionaire Success Habits, Graziosi emphasizes the ability to attract and persuade. As an affiliate, this involves an interesting challenge. On the one hand, it seems easy – just find the right combination of ad-targeting techniques, content, page design, and so on until you have locked down a solid conversion ratio, right?

Here’s the problem that so many affiliates run into when it comes to this area. Simply tweaking everything a hundred times without examining the consumer psychology that goes into it is like trying to dig up gold with a spork and a topographical map of the moon. You’ll just keep trying and trying until eventually, the dopamine hits of your infrequent mini-successes are no longer enough to combat your love of the sofa, and you quit. 

Better scenario? Learn from each failure and make targeted tweaks. That’s how you learn to attract and persuade. Thoughtful trial and error. 

Belief Above All Else

I purposefully withheld part two of the “why” because it’s a fitting note to end on. The mechanism that you need to turn your dream into a reality is belief. A “why” without belief is simply a lazy, whimsical thought. “Man, wouldn’t I love to be the CEO of Amazon.” “Golly gee, I wish I could have a successful business.” Your dream is supposed to eventually become a reality; that’s why it’s there. If you don’t believe, you won’t have the courage to make it happen. 

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that affiliate marketing is easy, because it’s not. There are dozens of moving pieces and hundreds (if not thousands) of competitors in every major niche. Why does success elude so many in the affiliate marketing world? Because the barrier to entry is so freaking low. Theoretically, a high school dropout living in a patched-up trailer could become a millionaire in a year. It’s possible, but it requires successful habits and a realistic mindset. So strap in and calm down – you’re not going to get rich quickly, but you just might get rich. 

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